An adventure in writing, passing from dreams, minute, delicate appreciations of H.D.’s *Hermetic Definition*, tests of uncertainty, dives into the Pentacle’s halls, and meditations on city detail that open onto clarities.

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The first in what’s expected to unfold into nine issues, each in conversation with the set by way of the prefix, DIS, DIS_appearance gathers poetry from five poets, Dominique Russell, Michael Boughn, Andrew McEwan, David Peter Clark, and Joan Guenther.  Separating each poet’s spread are vibrant, whimsical collages, assembled by Zoe Alexis-Abrams, and the results of a night of poetry games.  This exciting, novel magazine surprises, as its editors, Oliver Cusimano and Jonathan Pappo, and designer, Sebastian Frye, thought it through to printing, never exactly sure, or needy to know, what they will have made.

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Dimensions 20.06 x .81 x 25.4 cm