Fantasy Art Now | eds. Jay Isaac & Sebastian Frye


What about the ideas that never make it? We have collected and compiled a series of 31 unrealized and unrealizable ideas from artists, writers, and friends into a book that operates as both a source for further inspiration and an end in itself. We are setting these ideas free, releasing them into the public domain.

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Full list of artists included in this publication:

Olivia Dunbar | Brad Phillips | Patrick Howlett | Eli Langer | Fastwurms | Paul Butler | Geoffrey Farmer | Lex Vaughn | Jason Mclean | Lili Huston-Herterich | Life Of A Craphead | Corwyn Lund | Sandra Meigs | Sojourner Truth Parsons | Robert Dayton | Zeesy Powers | Parker Branch | Abby Mcguane | Julian Hou & Tiziana La Melia | Brad Tinmouth | Robin Fry | Cn Tower Liquidation | Deirdre Mcadams | Jessica Groome | Mark Soo | Jessica Williams | Zeesy Powers | Zoe Barcza | Tyler Clark Burke

The Editors:

Jay Isaac was born in 1975 in New Brunswick, Canada. He is an artist currently based in Toronto and shows his work internationally. He is known primarily for his painting, but has experimented as a performance artist, a musician collaborating with Lorenz Peter in Bay of Creatures, and he was also founder, editor, publisher and designer of Hunter and Cook magazine.

Sebastian Frye is the designer and founder of Swimmers Group. He was educated at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and has been making books and working with the Toronto arts scene since 2010.

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