The 4 Poets : 4


Featuring the poetry of Fan Wu, Sofia Banzhaf, Ruby Brunton, and Julian Butterfield & Carter West
Cover art by Alexandra MacKenzie

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The Four Poets 4, the most recent addition in this series, presents four (+1) more writers, each spread over twenty pages.  Fan Wu, pondering the agonies of entanglement, draws spiritual portraits of friends, each one aligned with one of our 26 letters.  Sofia Banzhaf lyrically records a trip to Japan, the “I” interpreting its identity through Sophia Coppola’s *Lost in Translation,* as it struggles in love with S., culture shock, and thirst for contact.  Ruby Brunton’s lyrical “I” sings worry over its fickle heart, its conflicting desires for men and to not need them, the intrusions of social media and train crushes, in repeating attempts to find something to count on.  Julian Butterfield and Carter West collaborate in exercises in language, contemplating the page’s field, sound, imagining airy relationships, questioning, Who’s we?

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