The Unfinished Flame of the Lower Ocean | Ami Xherro



from The Assembly of God in the Theatre


The drapes uncoupled
and the assembly stilled,
and the pulp of the drama grew thick
when Iphigenia, set to be killed
by the sword of her father,
was rescued in a quick turn of events
by Artemis.

The actress who plays a humbled Iphegenia
sings her praises to Artemis
and the audience is delighted
to watch her take on the stage
in dancing thanks and
catholic infinitude.

In a singular movement of her arms,
which she poses above her head,
Iphegenia rouses a thick cloud
of dust which sprinkles onto
the heads of the assembly.

These particles of dust, they are told,
are the last emission from the weary
asshole of God who is here watching,


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