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Vanilla White, the two dimensional detective with a hard-boiled heart, sets out on her first case and along the way introduces us to an ongoing cast of characters including acne riddled rats, an exposed brain with a cigarette nose, and a very angry super-boss. Take this pun-filled trip through inner space and revel in the psychedelic stylings.

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Vanilla White is the alter-ego of Canadian animator, performer, artist Jesi The Elder. Jesi has created animations for musicians such as Owen Pallett, Timber TimbreKatie Stelmanis, DD/MM/YY, and Absolutely Free. Her unique hyper-active style espouses an expansive visual lexicon that is both euphoric and unsettling. Her most recent work involves performances for such events as Life of A Craphead’s Doored series, as well her animations have been featured in Pleasure Dome’s New Toronto Works(Blossom 1, 2, 3).

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